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  Greetings! My name is Ahmed Ali and I have been in the
internet marketing game for 7 years now. If you have been
looking for a solution to your traffic problems, then you are
in the right place :)

I'm here to help
you get all the traffic you need for your 
online business to start generating LEADS and making
SALES as well! I understand what it takes to deliver 
GREAT traffic for your need.

So What Makes My Traffic So Special?  

Simply, I build my email lists using methods that aren't saturated, that means
you get your offer exposed to people who have NOT been abused by dozens
of emails. Add to that I'm getting fresh new subscribers added to my email list
every single week! This is my Word that I will prove to you with Results.

What Kind Of Offers My Traffic Will
Convert The Best For? 

Whether you are promoting Network Marketing / MLM Offers, Affiliate
Offers, your own Products, I can provide you with a Perfect Target Audience
just full of Extremely Motivated Action-Takers who simply cannot wait to
make their next purchase TODAY.

My Targeted Solo Ad Traffic works Best with
Make Money Online Products and Biz Opp-Marketing Offers such as:


Here is some of my results using this traffic...


How It Works?

STEP (1)
"Purchase Your Package"

Firstly, you must have ORU account in order to use it to make the payment.
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Select Your package below, and send price of the package to this ORU

Name: Ahmed Ali
ORU Username: onlinept

After Sending The payment Scroll-down to Submitt your
link and contact information.

 Premium Unique Solo Ad Clicks 

Contain 80%+ Tier 1 Countries (US, CA, NZ, AU, UK, IR) 
This list is very responsive and has proven buyers.


1000 Premium Clicks
$0.54 Per Click
Price: $540

900 Premium Clicks
$0.55 Per Click
Price: $495

800 Premium Clicks
$0.56 Per Click
Price: $448

700 Premium Clicks
$0.57 Per Click
Price: $399

 600 Premium Clicks
$0.58 Per Click
Price: $348

500 Premium Clicks
$0.59 Per Click
Price: $295

400 Premium Clicks
$0.60 Per Click
Price: $240

300 Premium Clicks
$0.61 Per Click
Price: $183

200 Premium Clicks
$0.62 Per Click
Price: $124

100 Premium Clicks
$0.63 Per Click
Price: $63

STEP (2)
"Submit Your Link"

After making your Solo Purchase Click Here to Submitt your deatils...

After that, your link will be schedualed for traffic and you'll receive a
confermation email within 24 - 48 hours.

I will then let you know the date at which clicks will start...I use my own 
email copy because I know how to best communicate with my list.

The email will be sent to my list of targeted & pre-qualified prospects who 
have already shown interest in the type of program you are offering.

I look forward to sending you some of the best traffic available. :)

Have questions?

Connect with me using one of the methods below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahmedoali82

Email: ahmedali@fasttracksoloads.com
Advisory: There are NO refunds... I am an established solo ad
vendor with some of the best traffic you can buy.

If your order hasn't started yet, I will refund your money if you wish.
**Once your clicks have been delivered, there are NO REFUNDS! **

Look me up in the Solo Ads Testimonials group. I purchase clicks from
dozens of people each month to maintain my list.

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